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brand operation -爱游戏官网登录入口

ningbo fiocco garments co., ltd was founded in 2006. it is developing the high-end couture named fiocco which has its own independent intellectual property rights. 

fiocco focuses on “to heart,to elegant” as the brand concept, and advocating elegant,simple,classic and fashionable clothing for office ladies. the position of fiocco is 35-45 year-old ladies who have a higher income,pursuit of fashion, and are confident but low profile successful women.fiocco has elite teams on design, marketing,technology and managemen,and also have setted up an technology center which has its own independent intellectual property rights of haute couture .

almost materials are the best collection which made in japan and eu. they are all make up of high-grade wool, linen,cotton and involved excellent production technology and meet the international environment standards. fiocco  focus on the international trend, and aimed at the thigh-class fashion clothing for business ladies.