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yesgo platform -爱游戏官网登录入口

  "yesgo" platform project is a textile and garment industry innovation service complex launched by fiocco group in june 2018 and jointly built by domestic and foreign high-end think tanks, well-known universities, scientific research institutes, financial institutions and investment funds. the project covers an area of 60 mu and plans to invest 500 million yuan in three years. within five years, it will become a new highland, model and landmark for the development of ningbo fashion textile and garment industry.

1、 platform introduction

  yesgo valley has been listed as "zhejiang textile and garment industry innovation service complex". focusing on the textile and garment industry, relying on 50000 square meters of textile and garment maker space and the concept of "specialty, sharing, empowerment and win-win", the platform provides sharing and enabling services such as design creativity, technology r & d, marketing management, financial support and venture capital for small, medium-sized and micro enterprises in the textile and garment industry cluster.

2、 platform function introduction

  the cloud valley platform has shared the resources of r & d, design, supply chain and global customer resources in the textile and garment industry in the past 30 years, and integrated the resources of the apparel industry chain through information technology, and the new approach of "internet plus creative design intelligent manufacturing supply chain". build a public service platform for the whole textile and garment industry chain with yesgo valley as the core. in addition, the platform is equipped with design and creativity center, technology r & d center, flour accessories center, intelligent manufacturing center, inspection and testing center, e-commerce center, financial service center and foreign trade comprehensive service center, with fashion information release, creative design, technology r & d, talent entrepreneurship incubation, industrial education and training, product inspection and testing, exhibition and consumption experience financial services and other industrial functions.


shared roadshow hall                                                           shared meeting room


 shared exhibition hall                                                                 shared negotiation room

3、 project progress and planning

  at present, yesgo platform has established strategic cooperation with 5 colleges and universities, 5 financial institutions, 2 venture capital funds, 2 accounting firms, 2 tax firms, 2 law firms and 2 inspection and testing institutions, and invited senior experts in the textile and garment industry to establish an expert advisory group. yesgo valley has completed phase i reconstruction and expansion, with a total area of 12000 square meters, realizing the fast-paced market-oriented operation envisaged, prepared and invested in that year. now, more than 50 enterprises have invested in clothing related design and r & d, domestic and foreign trade, e-commerce, software development, cultural creativity and other enterprises.

  the construction of phase ii project of yesgo valley has been started, with a planned space environment of 30000 square meters, and it is expected to attract 150-200 enterprises. in the new round of space planning and design, yesgo valley will embody industrialized space, fashionable content and refined service with a more advanced international space concept. at the same time, the platform will also deepen the business function, let enterprises find more excellent business partners online and offline, and promote convenient transactions between platform enterprises.

  in the future, yesgo valley will continue to enrich the construction of think tanks, realize the grafting of cross-border service resources, provide high-quality resources of the whole industry chain for textile and garment enterprises, help drive the common development of small, medium-sized and micro entrepreneurial and innovative garment enterprises, and improve and optimize the soft environment for the development of textile and garment industry, which not only provides good social benefits, but also ensures the sustainable development of the group. at the same time, it also has the demonstration effect of transformation and upgrading of textile and garment enterprises.